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Jamesville, NC 2002 Dodge Ram

"I am writing you just to thank you for handling my claim so promptly and professionally. The procedure was not help up with any red tape or any running around. My vehicle was repaired in a very timely manner, without any inconvenience to me at all. Once again thank you for the quick response."

Bethany, OH, 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe

“I am very satisfied with Protection Direct! As an owner of multiple vehicles, we receive numerous vehicle warranty offers, and have been disappointed in the past. Protection Direct was not only professional and affordable, the membership information was clearly explained and truly provided our family of 6 peace of mind on our many road trips together.”

Winnie, TX, 2002 Ford Taurus

“When a part was delayed for my transmission replacement, I was granted three more days car rental. I was satisfied with the experience.”

Nathaniel, TX, 2000 Lincoln Navigator

“I was and still am impressed with the quality of service I received. Even the shop staff and owner we’re impressed and mentioned they had not seen that kind of service from a warranty company before.”

Elaine, TN, 2003 BMW X5

“We recently needed a new transmission put in our car and everyone was very helpful. Our questions we’re answered and we found a service station very close to home.”

Gerald, MO, 2000 Ford Explorer

“I had a major transmission overhaul needed on my 2000 Ford Explorer. The automobile only had approximately 30,000 miles on it at the time. My extended warranty covered all of the cost involved less deductable and tax. I was very satisfied with the level of cooperation and ultimate outcome of the whole episode.”

Bradley, TX, 2005 Ford Explorer

“Your services were very prompt and helped me avoid a very expensive situation.”
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